APB Nieuws Events: Week of April 18th

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    Hello Citizens,

    We wanted to take this opportunity to announce the team's plans and upcoming events for this week, ending Sunday April 24th. The "Find the Dev" event is still going strong - this first phase of dev introduction events will finish on Wednesday the 20th of April and we have our next dev lined up.

    To recap, Magallan will appear randomly in action districts - find him before he disappears and earn a reward.
    Whoever finds him first will win 10 deployable 'Joker Box Weapon Caches' that allow you to spawn a random Joker Box weapon temporarily for you and nearby friends.

    You only win this reward once, after which you'll receive 5 deployable selectors.
    Subsequent players will win 3 deployable selectors.

    Starting tomorrow, we will be making Beacon available for 3 days for the players to enjoy. Then prepare yourself for the upcoming new SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL challenge event that will be taking place from Friday April 22nd to Sunday 24th. Don’t miss out on a new event that will have new objectives and prizes for you to earn and win. Updates on the objectives and prizes will be available a day prior to the SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL event.

    This is shaping up to be one heck of an enjoyable April! Keep an eye out for an updated post announcing the following week’s events and another introduction to one of our developers here on the Reloaded team.

    Till later Citizens,

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